Digital storytelling workshop with Bauls & Fakirs, 25th February and 26th February, 2020

February 2020

A two day digital storytelling workshop was held with around 22 Bauls on the 25th and 26th February, 2020 at Tepantar. The workshop focused on different aspects of digital storytelling like:

Some of the sample digital stories were shown to the artists to create a better understanding. The participants shared their own stories which were of personal struggles, what attracted them to Baul music, the initial days of hardship before making a place for himself as a musician. The Baulanis shared their journey of being de-motivated by family and society for choosing the path of music.

The participants learned to make story boards based on their individual stories. After which the artists took shots and photos on their phones to create their digital stories.

A short session was held to sensitize the participants on uploading photos and videos on Facebook with appropriate captions and hashtags.

This research project, Heritage Sensitive Intellectual Property and Marketing strategies: India (HIPAMS - INDIA), is funded by the British Academy's Sustainable Development Programme, supported under the UK Government's Global Challenges Research Fund 2018-2021.