Online webinar on Promoting Heritage Products and Cultural Tourism

Explore the role of geographical indications in promoting heritage products. The webinar on 3 February, 2021 titled, ‘Promoting heritage products and cultural tourism’ focused on the role of geographical indications. Under the project, 'Celebrating Local Stewardship in a Global Market: Community Heritage, Intellectual Property Protection and Sustainable Development in India', trying to connect role of GI to promotion of crafts and cultural tourism has been a very important aspect. The webinar explore how geographical indications can play an important role in promoting heritage products that are linked to specific places, and thereby also promote cultural tourism, therefore leading t contribution in sustainable development and heritage safeguarding in local communities. The speakers are Stéphane Passeri, an expert on GI and International Consultant, Dr. Benedetta Ubertazzi, Faculty of law and IP lawyer and member of Alpfoodway project, Dr. Diego Rinallo, Associate Professor of Marketing & Consumer Culture in KEDGE Business School and member of Alpfoodway project, Mr. Chinnaraja G Naidu, Deputy Registrar of GI in India, Ananya Bhattacharya, Director of banglanatak dot com, Dr. Joseph Lo, curator for Centre for Folklife and Cultural Heritage, Smithsonian Institution, Namrata Ganguly, social media influencer and Anindita Patra, culture and development professional. The webinar will begin with an introductory session by Dr. Harriet Deacon followed by Stéphane Passeri speaking on how GI can be used as a tool to valorize origin-linked craft products. Next, Dr. Diego Rinallo and Dr. Benedetta Ubertazzi shared experiences on how GI helped in promoting heritage safeguarding, tourism, and sustainability in the Alps. Then, Chinnaraja G. Naidu spoke on the scenario of GIs in India. After the break, Ananya Bhattacharya will speak on promotion of ICH in West Bengal using GIs, followed by Anindita, who shared on the promotion of GI registered craft forms by social media influencers. Social media influencer, Namrata shared her suggestions and views on promoting heritage products through social media platforms. Next, Dr. Joseph Lo shared experience of promotion and brand development of crafts. The session came to an end with concluding comments by Dr. Harriet Deacon.

This research project, Heritage Sensitive Intellectual Property and Marketing strategies: India (HIPAMS - INDIA), is funded by the British Academy's Sustainable Development Programme, supported under the UK Government's Global Challenges Research Fund 2018-2021.